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Snowdrop (2021)

Snowdrop (2021)


The drama is set in 1987, when South Korea was governed under a dictatorship. It tells the love story of Im Soo Ho, who one day rushes into a female dormitory covered in blood, and Eun Young Ro, who helps to hide him.

Im Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) is a korean who grew up in Germany. He is a graduate student at a prestigious university and has a gentle charm and appears to be mysterious.

Eun Young Ro (Kim Ji Soo) is a fun and lovable first year student at the Women’s University who studies English Literature. She met Soo Ho on a blind date and fell in love with him at first sight.

Ke Bun Ok (Kim Hye Yoon) pretends to be a student and goes on blind dates with Yeon Ro, but she didn’t go to university due to family’s financial circumstances and works as a telephone operator in the dorm.

Lee Kang Moo (Chang Seung Jo) is head of the First Division of the National Intelligence Service (NIS). He is a man of principle, who doesn’t compromise in any situation.

Jang Han Na (Jung Yoo Jin) is an impulsive and hot-tempered NIS agent who is passionate about her work.

Airs from 12/18/2021 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Adapted from the handwritten notes of a man who escaped from a political prison camp in North Korea.

Original Network: jTBC;

Also known as: 설강화 Seolganghwa Sulganghwa Sulkanghwa Seolkanghwa

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